My Angel Baby: 10 Months

Dear Angel Baby,

Again, this month, I’m 2 weeks late with posting your update.  I also didn’t keep as good (or any) notes in my phone of all your accomplishments this month, so this is truly wingin it…..

10 months old!

You’re in mostly 6-9 month clothes, still in some 3-6 month, and still in 3-6 month PJ’s, but we’ve accepted that you’re just little.  Still in size 3 diapers.  We did get you a pair of shoes, and they’re size 2.  At your 9 month checkup you weighed in at a whopping 16.6 pounds. Still little, but we did move from 10th to 25th percentile. 

You’re still crawling everywhere, and man you’re fast!!!  Not walking yet, but starting to stand up and balance well on your own. You’re into everything, as in….clothes baskets, photo albums, coasters on the coffee table, chewing on our shoes, any and all cords, night lights, hair or other things off the floor, etc.  If it’s within your reach, it’s in your hands, and then in your mouth.  We tell you no, and you look at us and grin, and then go back to it.  We tell you no again, same thing.  By the third no, you usually get the picture that you shouldn’t be doing it, and you growl and grunt at us to show your frustration.  When your Daddy tells you no, he snaps his fingers, and you have started making the motion and trying to snap your fingers as well.  You’ve gotten in 2 bottom teeth, and I think you’re starting to work on some top ones.

You love to play peek a boo.  You love Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Sofia the First, Goldie & Bear, and The Lion Guard.  You absolutely LOVE the song for the Gilmore Girls.  I’m watching it on Netflix right now, and whenever the song comes on, you drop what you’re doing and turn to watch.  You’ve started dancing when you hear a song that you like.  You still love when I sing to you.  You love pretty much any of your toys that make noise, which makes it difficult to find a toy to take to church.  You like to lick the appliances…….weird. You love books, and turning the pages in them, still can’t keep you still for very long to read to you, but we’re working on it.  You love buckles, car seat, high chair, bumbo, etc. I think your favorite toy is a dish towel.  I think your favorite activity is taking things out of their place and putting them on the floor, as in:  taking clothes out of the clothes basket or your too small box, taking everything off the coffee table, and taking all your diapers out of your diaper holder on the side of the crib and putting them in the floor.

Are you going to be a bookworm, like Mama?
Playing with buckles!

Changing your diaper and clothes has become a real struggle.  You don’t want to lay still long enough to get it done.  You flip over and either take off if you’re on the bed, or just sit up on your changing table.  This has caused a few accidents and pee pee on Meemel’s bed.  Oops! If you set your mind to it, it’s pretty much impossible to hold you down.  Feeding you has also become a struggle sometimes.  You’ve gotten to where you HATE your high chair, and bow up, and stiffen up when we try to put you in it.  If we don’t distract you with singing or watching something on the iPad, you won’t eat, you’ll just sit there and cry.

Are we seeing a theme here?  Maybe a teeny tiny attitude problem…..You get it from your Daddy.  🙂

Your eating routine is still pretty much the same as last month.  We’re starting to give you more food off the table now.  You love water, and will drain your water in your sippy cup multiple times a day.  We’ve tried apple juice and white grape juice, and you’re not a fan of either.  You do like sweet tea though, you get a little in our straw every once in a while.

Your sleeping has gotten better, but it’s still not great.  You seem to sleep better when I put you down than when Daddy does it.  You went through about a week where you didn’t wake up at all, and it was glorious, but you usually wake up once or twice a night.  I usually try to rock you for a few minutes and put you back down, and you’re usually fine.  Daddy gets up with you and goes to sleep with you in the recliner.  If you don’t go back to sleep within 15 minutes or so, you get put in the bed with us.  If it’s after 4, we’ll usually go ahead and give you a bottle.  Typically you get up for the day between 6:30 and 7:00, and when you’re up, you’re up!  You’re such a morning person!  You usually nap around 10:00, and around 2:00.  An hour long nap, is REALLY good for you, usually it’s more like 30 minutes, and lately, you’ve not been wanting to take that morning nap at all.

Could you get any cuter?
Standing up like a big girl
Daddy’s girl. Mama’s world.
Mama, can i drive your Bronco?

You truly are our sunshine, and we stinking love you!

He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.       –  Psalm 91:4


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