My Angel Baby: 9 Months

Dear Angel Baby,

This month……oh this month!  You’re completely different!  Even though I know that you’re still a baby, this month has kind of seemed like a baby to toddler transition.  SO MUCH FUN and EXHAUSTION!

9 Months!!!

As of 4th of July weekend, you are officially mobile.  Crawling everywhere, and won’t sit still for a minute!  Which has just proven that I don’t sweep/vacuum nearly enough!  So, you experienced your first Independence Day, and with that came your first boat ride.  You weren’t a fan.  I think it was more the life jacket that you didn’t like, not the boat part, but for the next several years, those 2 will go together.  You just kind of sat there and barely moved.  Over the 4th weekend, you also figured out how to stand up in your pack n play.  Later in the month you went for your first swim in the big pool and loved it!

First swim and first boat ride!

Towards the beginning of the month you would grab onto our hands and stand yourself up, and would be so proud about it, and towards the end of the month you were pulling up on everything that you could reach, and trying to stand on your own.  I feel like the next month, I might be writing about you walking.  😦  Because of all this standing, we had to lower your bed and your pack n play to keep you contained.

You’re still in mostly 3-6 month clothes, but you’re starting to grow into some of the 6-9 month clothes.  You moved up to size 3 diapers.  You’re still eating pretty much the same amount, bottles around 6:30, 10:00, 2:00, and 8:00.  We did cut out your 5:00 bottle.  Usually you eat 5-6 ounces.  We ran out of breastmilk, so you are on just formula now.  Pretty much all your solid food is now Gerber Stage 2 Baby Food.  You usually eat solids around 8:30 (cereal with some kind of fruit), lunch around noon (something with a vegetable), snack around 4 (fruit), and supper around 7:00 (again something with a vegetable).  Pears are still by far your favorite, and I’ve yet to find anything that has pears in it that you don’t like, Pear oatmeal with cinnamon, pear/pineapple, pear/zucchini/corn, and just plain pears… love them all.  Other than that, pretty much anything orange, carrots, sweet potatoes, mangoes, apricots, and all the mixtures.  You still HATE bananas, you’ll spit it out and start gagging when I try to give you some of mine.  You love the little puff snacks, and you like the little yogurt bite things too, as long as they’re not banana flavored.  You LOVE water.  We tried some diluted apple juice, and you weren’t crazy about it, so we’ll just stick with water.  You also really like scrambled eggs and avocado.

You love to lift up the rugs, and see what’s underneath.  You snort when you get super excited.  You’ve started making this noise that kind of sounds like a little dog, and a noise that sounds kind of like a car.  You still love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Minnie Mouse, Sophia the First, and Lion Guard.  I think your favorite person is your Meemel.  When I drop you off in the mornings, you start reaching for her before I even get to tell you bye bye.  You started waving bye bye for a few days, but have stopped now.  You still love when I sing to you, which is a lot, and you love to clap.  You’re into absolutely everything, and especially love phones, ipads, remotes, and chewing on the bottoms of shoes, which has kind of forced us to make sure our shoes go in the closet when we take them off.

Like I said….into everything!! 🙈

You’re going through a pretty major sleep regression, which is exhausting, and has lasted pretty much all month.  You still hit yourself on the side of the head when you’re really tired.  You’ve started waking up in the middle of the night and wanting to crawl around and play.  And, a lot of times, if you are sleeping, it’s very fitful sleep, grunting and squirming.  The last week of the month, we started transitioning you into your crib in your room.  It’s going ok.  Both good, and bad.  It’s good in that the grunts and squirming no longer disturbs me, but it’s not so good in that I have to get up and go all the way in there when you wake up in the middle of the night.  I try to rock you for a few minutes, and usually you’ll go back to sleep, and I’ll put you back in your bed…….This too shall pass.

Playful little girl

Little sleeping angel baby.

I just can’t get enough of this sweet face.

Mickey Mouse Coma

You’re such a happy little girl, and have already brought so much joy to our lives.  We stinking love you angel baby.

I always thank my God for you because of his grace given you in Christ Jesus.  For in him you have been enriched in every way – with all kinds of speech and with all knowledge.     –  1 Corinthians 1:4-5


One thought on “My Angel Baby: 9 Months

  1. Love this journal of precious moments. Thanks for taking the time to share your life with such a beautiful baby. Your a special mommy who obviously loves including family and friends in your life with a special little angel Mac.


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