Angel Baby: 1 YEAR!!!

Dear Angel Baby,

And just like that……we have a 1 year old!!!!  I’m so ridiculously late in posting this. I’ve had it written forever but since my iCloud got full, I’ve been too lazy to gather the pictures to add until now.  🙂

Happy 1 Year Angel Baby!
No party, just a fun filled day with our little family!
You weren’t a huge fan of your cake. You didn’t like the mess on your hands.
You went from starting to walk and kind of wobbly last month, to fully and completely walking by your birthday.  You still HATE shoes and socks, but we’re working on them, and you’re starting to get better.  We just have to make sure that we choose carefully the shoes that we put on you, because you’re smart, and can get them off pretty easily.

You LOVE to dance, and it’s absolutely the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.  There have been numerous times that I have laughed so hard at your dancing that tears stream down my face.  You’re blowing lots of kisses, and waving bye bye.  Sometimes you’ll say bye bye, but not usually.  You’re still not crazy about most men, or dogs, well I guess most animals in general.  You love cell phones and remotes, but you know that you shouldn’t have them.  When you find a remote within your reach you look at us to see if we’re going to notice that you’re getting it.  You love books, and sit there and look at them like you’re actually reading.

You’ve started getting much better about eating.  We’ve pretty much transitioned you off of baby food, with the exception of the occasional oatmeal in the mornings, mixed with fruit.  I seriously think that you could eat your weight in cheerios and green beans.  You also really like sweet potatoes, bread, grilled cheese, grapes, honeydew melon, pineapple, turkey, turkey meatballs, BBQ, some chicken, and we have yet to find a muffin that you don’t like.  Muffins are where I sneak in some fruits and veggies, bananas, pumpkin, and we’ve made some muffins with the apples and pear baby food that we had left over.  You go back and forth with eggs and bananas, sometimes you eat them, and sometimes you won’t.  We’re starting to transition you from formula to whole milk.  Right now, we’re doing half formula, and half whole milk.  You usually get 3 6-oz bottles, and then an 8 oz bottle just before bed per day.  I have no idea how we’re going to break you from the bottle, because when you want a bottle, you want it NOW!!!  You still love water, and we have to take it away from you.  You won’t stop drinking it, you just start spitting it out on your clothes.

The last week of the month we took a little family vacation to the smoky mountains.  I was kind of worried about how you would do on the 4 hour drive, and sleeping in the hotel room.  You did excellent with the drive, slept most of the way.  We took your pack n play, which you still sleep in some, so you had somewhere familiar to sleep at night.  It usually took you a while to go to sleep at night, but once you went to sleep you slept good each night.  We celebrated your birthday while we were there, by going to the aquarium, and getting you a cake.  You were NOT crazy about the cake situation, AT ALL!  You did not like that mess on your hands!  If we would give you a bite you like it, but did not want to do it yourself.  By far, your favorite birthday present that you got from us was a balloon.  You have just played and played with that thing.

Family trip fun!

Birthday at the aquarium!
Precious little Daddy’s girl.
We attended a birthday party and met Cinderella.

Big News! We found out that you were going to have a little sister!
We stinking love you angel baby!

Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labor. For if they fall, the one will lift up their fellow.    Ecclesiastes 4:9-10


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