My Angel Baby: 6 Months

Dear Angel Baby,


Well, here we are and already 6 months have flown by since you came into our lives.  As always, this month held a TON of changes!

A Very Merry Half Birthday To You!!!

You started the month and we thought you would never learn to sit up, because every time that we tried to work on it with you, you would just lock out your little legs and want to stand up and jump on our legs.  But, towards the end of the month, you started doing very well, you still topple over every now and then, but for the most part, you do pretty good.  Speaking of jumping on our legs….you go crazy on our legs, but as soon as we put you in the Johnny Jumper, you freeze up and won’t do it.

At the beginning of the month, you really started sleeping through the night consistently.  You have an off night every once in a while, but it’s like once every couple weeks.  This sleeping through the night thing is absolutely glorious!  Still in size 2 diapers, and mostly 0-3 month clothes.  They’re starting to get a little snug, so some of them are starting to go in the too small boxes.  You absolutely hate having your nails filed and nose sucked!  

You went to work with Daddy and were an absolute show stopper.  They said if he’s off duty, he’s not allowed to come back without you!  You’ve had lots of play dates with your friends.  You still don’t really know what to think about other babies, you just sit and watch them mostly, and then either smile or cry at them.  You’re still not crazy about men, you usually cry with men that you don’t know.  You’ve gotten used to Pap, PawPaw, and some uncles, but other than that there’s usually tears when a man tries to hold you, which is completely ok with me!  You’ve really started grasping and shaking your toys.  Your favorite toys are still your feet and your caterpillar, but we’ve got these soft blocks that you’re really starting to take a liking to as well.  You also really like chip bags, or anything that rattles.

You went through this super needy phase for about a week where you would not let us put you down, but thankfully it’s passed for now.  You’ve started rocking back and forth a lot when sitting in any of your seats.  You really like music, and I’m starting to learn what your favorite things are for me to sing (Zip a Dee Doo Da and If I were a Butterfly).  You’ve started sitting at the table with us in either your high chair or your Bumbo seat.

Probably the biggest thing that happened this month was that we started solid foods.  I wanted to wait until we saw your Dr. for your 6 month checkup and talk to her about it, but our appointment was several weeks after you turned 6 months (we still haven’t gone), but nature had other plans.  We just really felt like you were ready at about 5.5 months.  You started watching every bite that we took, and you would open your mouth when we would hold a spoon up to you, you were ready.  So, we tried cereal.  It was a fail for the first few times, but we were all learning.  Learning how to mix it, feed you, and you were learning how to do it as well.  After a few times, we all got better at it, and now you’re doing VERY well with a spoon.  You actually even try to do it yourself sometimes, but obviously you’re not there yet.  We did just cereal for about a week and a half, and then we introduced apples, and then the week after that pears.  With the first few bites of apples and pears you make this face like they’re really bitter, but then after that you’ll eat as much as we’ll give you of them.  You’re still on mostly breastmilk, but we usually do cereal once a day, and a fruit once a day.

Yummy cereal!!
Too much cuteness!

Working the puzzle every morning with Pap
Daddy’s future bow hunter.
Our happy little girl!
Playing with Daddy’s dress uniform hat.
Trying on some new outfits. They’re all adorable, of course.
Daddy just trying to be like you.
Post baby bath selfie.
Lots of Mama & baby time outside this month.
Sweet little church girl. ✝👶🏼👼🏼

We absolutely love watching you grow and learn everyday.  Excited to see what all changes this next month will bring, I know it will be a big one!  We stinking love you angel baby!

Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere; I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked.               Psalm 84:10


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