Fitness Friday: 7/29/16

Saturday 7/23/16: 3 sets of 25 weighted Russian twists (10#), 10 lunges each leg, 25 side bends (25#), 10 plié squats. Breakfast was banana oatmeal pancakes with turkey bacon, lunch was a turkey hotdog with spicy pickles, and supper was freezer mini chicken burritos with some chips and salsa. 

Wednesday 7/27/16:  walk/run 1 mile. 4 sets of 30 second plank, 25 high pulls (25#), 20 shoulder press (10#), 15 lateral raise (10#), 10 pushups, 5 burpees. This definitely smoked my arms and shoulders!  Dinner was baked pork chops, roasted potatoes, and roasted mushroom stuffed peppers. 

Friday 7/29/16:  nice long baby wearing walk around the park followed by some baby wearing squats and bench push-ups 


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