Orange you glad you have all those oranges?

Knock knock. 

Who’s there?

Orange. …..

Well, you know the rest. 🍊

We support our local high school FFA, but what on earth are we going to do with all those oranges?

As a fundraiser every year the Alabama high school FFA’s sell cases of oranges. My mom and I went in on a case, and my aunt bought a case, leaving my family with a LOT of oranges. We split those 2 cases between 6 different households, but I still knew all the ones that we wound up with wouldn’t get eaten. 

I like orange flavored stuff, but I’m not one to just sit down and eat one (I’m more into strawberries and peaches 🍓🍑🍓🍑). I know, due to the FFA,  a lot of you are in the same orange abundance situation that I am, so I thought I’d help out with some ideas. 

1. Make Cranberry Orange Muffins. I used this recipe and added slivered almonds. I loved them, but the hubs didn’t like the cranberries in there, he thought they were too bitter. If fresh cranberries are your thing, please try. 

TIP:  if these aren’t going to be eaten in the first 2 days put them in the refrigerator. They’re so moist that they would probably grow mold quickly if left on the counter. 


Cranberry Orange Muffins
2.   Make orange butter. Bring a stick of butter to room temperature, add in the zest and a little juice of the orange. Mix it up and turn it out onto plastic wrap. Roll it up into a log and refrigerate until ready to use. I used it, with some honey, to top my morning toast. 🍊🍯🍞

3.  Orange White Chocolate Brownies. I haven’t tried this one yet, right now it’s just an idea. We still have 3 oranges left, and I think I’ll try this one next. Take a box of brownie mix, prepare according to directions, but replace the liquid (usually water) with freshly squeezed orange juice, add in the orange zest, and add in white chocolate chips. 😍😍😍

4. Orange Clove Roasted Nuts. I saw a Recipe for roasted nuts in the December Rachael Ray magazine. Not as good as I was expecting, but still pretty tasty. 


Orange Clove Roasted Nuts
5.  Pancake Muffins. I saw a pin about taking pancake batter and pouring it in muffin tins with your favorite add ins for a make ahead breakfast. Since I’m about to return to work from maternity leave that was just what I was looking for. Haven’t eaten any yet, but they’re in my freezer waiting for January 4th. Use your favorite pancake mix, zest in an orange, juice the orange into a measuring cup (if this does not give enough liquid for what it calls for on the box of pancake mix add in water for the rest of the liquid), mix it all up, and pour into your muffin tin. I also added in some frozen strawberries and peaches that we had. Bake at 350 for 10 to 15 minutes or until you can tell that they’re done. 


Pancake Muffins
6. Orange and Rosemary Chicken. Another Rachael Ray recipe. Again, haven’t tried it yet, but that’s my plan for my final 2 oranges. I’ll use chicken breasts, and I’ll make my own rice. 

And, of course, there’s the old stand by just in time for Christmas. 

7.  Boil some water with some orange slices, cinnamon sticks, and cloves. Enjoy your entire home smelling like Christmas!!!

Don’t throw away those peels!  Put them down your garbage disposal to freshen things up. 

My first post that wasn’t about my baby girl. What’d y’all think?

Then God said, “I give you every seed bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.”  Genesis 1:29


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